We carefully choose an injection that suits each patient’s symptoms and condition so it accelerates better skin regeneration, and it improves brightened skin tone, reduce in fine wrinkles, along with better skin elasticity. For moisturization, skincare products after a proper cleanse is important. However, it takes a lot of effort and time. Because simple products have its limits to penetrate to deep layer enough, so its effect could be minimal. If you are concerned with your dry skin with unbalanced skin tone with rough skin texture, skin booster treatment might be your good solution. Skin booster treatment effectively helps these traits by directly injecting nutritious ingredients to the outer layer of the skin.  Especially with providing rich moisturizing effect to the inner skin cells, patients can experience less dryness and decent plumpyness.


A healing filler that regenerates from inner skin.

This treatment produce collagens and brightens up the skin tone, and ultimately regenerates skin by balancing out oil and water control. PN substance, extracted from salmon prides high suitability with human bodies, and are strong in heat that has minimum side effect, leading to increasing the thickness and density within skin barriers. It activates skin regeneration ability, improves skin condition from deeper layer of the skin, and restore skin structure. It leads to a firmer and healthier skin condition, and also shows great effect in recovering a damaged skin from aging and UV rays.

Improvements on fine wrinkles / elasticity / richer moisturization / sebum control-pores / brightening effect / skin regeneration 

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This is a signature skin booster treatment of LAMINE. We extract 20cc of blood and from there, only 1cc amoung of various growth factors that includes antiaging substance like EFC can heal the damages and inflammations of skin and produces collagen and elastin. This brings back youthful, firm and plump condition to your skin that will make you look healthy and glowy.

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Exosome is an intercellular communication substance, it holds the ability of stem cells that takes care of damaged skin and activates the energy within natural cells. This skin booster that consists of 5 types of growth factor, 6 types of peptide, 19 types of amino acid, vitamin and mineral, glutathione, and other various active ingredients provides superior nutrition for skin regeneration.

Effects : Accelerates collagens / water control / anti-aging / better elasticity / anti-inflammatory effects / skin regeneration

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JUVELOOK treatments are a self-tissue regeneration collagen booster with the combination of macromolecule PLA(Poly D. L-lactide) and HA(Hyaluronic Acid-Sodium Hyaluronate) inside human tissue. After being injected, this accelerates the production of collagen that creates natural elasticity along with improving skin texture and fine wrinkles. This product is FDA and KFDA approved, priding its safety in use.

Effects : Improvements on scarring / skin tone / elasticity / reduction on pore sizes / fine wrinkles

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Are you worried about the pain from Rejuran Healer Injection Treatment?

Try the upgraded version, Rejuran PH PLUS. It is an upgraded version from the original Rejuran Healer, with added ingredients to reduce pain and hyaluronic acids.

Do you have concerns regarding…

👉🏻 Many spots here and there and your skin tone being unbalanced or darkened?

👉🏻 Not sure about your skin tone and having cakey makeup sometimes?

👉🏻 Want crystal clear skin like Korean celebrities?

Before and After Results of a Treatment Case.

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