Done delicately and thoroughly through one-on-one customized service by precise analysis of the aging degree and stage. LAMINE is confident with what we do, presenting the natural look with lifting treatment.

Lifting Treatments

As the aging progresses, the structure of collagen and elastin to support the skin barrier begins to sag down and results in reducing the skin elasticity. In order to fix this, lifting treatment with less fat and solidifying skin construction is needed.

As the aging process continues on, the connective tissue gets thinner and so does the elasticity reduces. Korean beauty and medical technology is evolving as the time goes by, in safer and more effective direction. As a person who constantly seeks ways to find the natural beauty and gift it to the patients, it is my mission to devote and carry on the research.  

What kind of treatments would suit me the best?
Do you have concerns regarding…

👉🏻 Concerns with squirrel cheeks

👉🏻 Concerns with double chin

👉🏻 Concerns with specific area on your face and want to reduce a little bit of fat size

Types of Treatments and Effects

As the aging process continues on, the connective tissue gets thinner and so does the elasticity reduces. It is a non-surgical treatment using self-dissolving threads that are injected inside the subcutaneous layer, as it pulls the surface and gets absorbed as collagen as the time goes by. There are 2 types of threads, dissolving and non-dissolving ones. Dissolving threads are called PDO, it can be divided into general threads(mono), tornado threads, twist threads, and projections (코그). There are different pros and cons for each items. It gives an instant lifting effect with more youthful looks by penetrating and placing the threads with non-surgical methods. Depending on your age, skin type, the degree of sagginess, the movements of your facial muscles, directions and angles, we customize and design that fits your face naturally and perfectly. After 6 months and a year, the pulling effect will remain and produced collagen will lift up your facial shape, maintaining the effect for a longer time.

Ultimate Lifting Treatment is a combination of Ultimate Injection and SHURINK Injection treatment. Ultimate Injection is a treatment to reduce fat cells in the areas of your concern, using ingredients mixed by LAMINE Clinic that has great effects with fat dissolving. Generally, cheeks, double chin, cheekbone area are the most popular area to see some nice improvements.

Before and After Results of a Treatment Case.

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