At LAMINE, our experienced Dr. Kim will customize the treatment through in-depth one-on-one consultation and control the amount of its quantity, and minimize the pain as much as possible.

Botox Treatments

This is a simple treatment to give quick solutions to fine wrinkles, muscles, and area of your concerns. It is crucial to customize the design and just the right amount quantities, since everyone has different structures of muscles and the way of moving it. Dr. Young-eun Kim from LAMINE goes through a thorough one-on-one consultation with every patient to determine where, how, and what amount of each treatment could be done. Normally, it has set quantity per area but we do it differently. We customize the quantity that suits each area of treatment, with botox products that are FDA and Korean Ministery of Food and Drugs approved. Botox treatments can be done on (middle) forehead, eye wrinkles, chin, calves, and trapezius muscles.

Are skin botox and botox the same treatments?

Skin botox differs from other botox such as chin botox, where they focus on reducing the size of muscles.


Do you have concerns regarding…

👉🏻 Want to improve jawline

👉🏻 Want to reduce fine wrinkles before it gets too deepend

👉🏻 Want to have more balanced lines by reducing muscle sizes

Before and After Results of a Treatment Case.

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