Dermal organs are affected by one’s medical conditions such as immune system, heredity, internal secretion, stomach problems, and hormones and so on. With a thorough consultation and diagnosis, we analyze the medical condition and find out the suitable solution for each and every patient, by the process of balance, anti-aging, body treatments, creating better immune system, disease prevention, and chronic fatigue syndrome. We strive for the blossom of inner and outer beauty.

IV Treatments

LAMINE introduces customize IV treatments by approved solution with its high safety and effects. We have different IV solutions such as energy booster, sleep cycle improvements, immune system optimization, stress relief, pain relief, and anti-aging, etc.

What kind of treatments would suit me the best?

LAMINE offers original treatments that focuses on pigments’ natural traits. We focus on strengthening the healthy skin barrier first after regeneration of cells underneath. We want to minimize the unhealthy stimulation by offering the top tier products and machines that are all approved by professionals. We focus on everyone’s different traits and sensitivities, and offer all-in-one skincare that shows amazing effects on brightening, moisturizing, and elasticity.

Do you have concerns regarding…

👉🏻 Many spots here and there and your skin tone being unbalanced or darkened?

👉🏻 Not sure about your skin tone and having cakey makeup sometimes?

👉🏻 Want crystal clear skin like Korean celebrities?

Types of Treatments and Effects

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