Botox: Tightens the muscles to slim facial and body lines.

Skin Botox: Improves fine lines by tightening sagging skin.


Wrinkle Botox
Domestic (Korean): 40,000 KRW 
Square Jaw Botox
Domestic (Korean): 70,000 KRW  /
Imported: 190,000 KRW
V-Line, Pores: 120,000 KRW  / 
Full Face: 230,000 KRW

*VAT not included.*

① LAMINE Booster

PRP (an autologous blood regeneration treatment) and various growth factors increase elasticity to make the skin healthy.


400,000 KRW

② Intense Rejuran

Improves the appearance of wrinkles and pores and rejuvenates the skin by generating the production of collagen in the skin.


Basic 2cc ------- 350,000 KRW

Premium 4cc --- 600,000 KRW

③ Volite Injection

Hyaluronic acid improves the condition of dull and dry skin.


400,000 KRW

④ PDRN Revitalex

Increases the production of collagen and aids in skin regeneration.


100,000 KRW

⑤ Triple NCTF

53 complex ingredients and hyaluronic acid help prevent the skin from aging.


450,000 KRW

*VAT will be charged separately for all procedures.*

Skin Gloss

A program that includes LAMINE’s signature skin booster, the LAMINE Booster. The high-frequency elasticity lifts the skin to reduce fine wrinkles on the surface and smoothes the skin by healing inner skin that has become damaged.


650,000 KRW


*VAT not included.*


A procedure that fills the face with volume to create a lively contour.


Volume Filler
Domestic (Korean) 1cc: 150,000 KRW  / Juvéderm 1cc: 300,000 KRW
Dark Filler
Domestic (Korean): 220,000 KRW / Juvéderm: 400,000 KRW
Lip Filler
Domestic (Korean) 300,000 KRW  / Juvéderm: 500,000 KRW
Aegyo (Cute) Filler
Juvéderm: 400,000 KRW

*VAT not included.*